New Year’s Event For The Warnowtunnel Customers

If another year has come to an end, it is time to look back and thank our customers. Some of them used the tunnel very frequently in 2022. And to give something back to these particularly loyal customers, we organized the Warnowtunnel New Year’s Event last Friday at the Rostock Ice Rink.

There were entrepreneurs, private individuals, associations and partners who accepted our invitation on the evening of 20.01.2023. For what reason they used the shortcut under the Warnow so often in the past year was very different: for one indispensable from a professional point of view, for another a great time saver for private trips to Warnemünde. Together with employees of Warnowquerung GmbH & Co. KG, we were all to experience an exciting ice hockey game of the Rostock Piranhas against the Halle Saale Bulls live. One highlight was the so-called “puck game”. Here, during the intermission before the last third of the game, you have to try to hit the center of the playing field as close as possible with a thrown puck. Of course, our guests were also allowed to try their luck. The fact that the Piranhas still lost the game 3:7 after many good chances did not diminish the joy of a successful evening. We say: great fight!

The Warnowtunnel would like to thank all guests, the Rostock Ice Rink and the Rostock Ice Hockey Club.

Thank you to all tunnel drivers and may they all reach their destination at any time fast and safely in 2023!

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