84.000.000 Tunnel Passages

On the way from a construction site in Lichtenhagen to the depot in Dummerstorf, two young gentlemen were quite surprised. Mr Rene Schneider and Mr Hannes Röwer from the company Tias Tiesler became our 84 millionth tunnel drivers in no time at all.

First of all, Mrs Yvonne Osterkamp, Managing Director of Warnowquerung GmbH & Co. KG, and presented them with a beautiful large bouquet of flowers with a small otter cuddly toy, a petrol voucher worth €70.00, a gift voucher from Warnow-Park Lütten Klein worth €50.00, a premium car wash at the Globus car wash in Roggentin, a Warnow Tunnel windscreen protector and a bonus of ten tunnel passes. Of course, mascot Otter Oscar was not to be missed and undoubtedly took the time to welcome our newly baked millionth.

Tias Tiesler uses the tunnel regularly and has installed RFID devices in various vehicles. This allows them to benefit from the fastest and cheapest route under the Warnow. Mr Schneider, for example, also occasionally uses our route privately – so far by cash payment. Otter Oscar’s tip is to use one of our devices. ‘Save money when driving all year round,’ says Oscar.

We would like to thank the company Tias Tiesler as well as Mr Schneider and Mr Röwer for the regular use of the tunnel. We would also like to thank Warnow-Park for their generous support. We wish our new millionth riders and all tunnel users a safe and pleasant journey at all times.

Caption: The 84 millionth drivers at the toll station
from left to right: Hannes Röwer, Otter Oscar, Rene Schneider, Yvonne Osterkamp

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