September 12th, 2022: the Warnowtunnel has turned 19 years old. This number was to become a benchmark today. To celebrate, 19 tunnel users were able to enjoy a free passage.

“It could be a tunnel birthday every day!” This is probably what the selected customers thought. With several thousand passages per day, it does take a bit of luck, but that increased the joy of this little gift all the more. Surely everyone continued their journey with a little smile.

Whether on the way to work, on vacation, to go shopping, whether traveling on business in a van or privately in a car, whether young or old, alone or with the whole family. Some had their Oscard ready to hand, in other vehicles there was already an RFID strip on the windshield. Among these 19 customers, the diversity of tunnel users was already apparent. Some have been with us since the beginning, others perhaps more recently. “I was already present during the construction!”, one customer even shared today. Since September 12th, 2003, more than 75 million vehicles have traveled through the Warnowtunnel.

We would like to thank all tunnel users and wish them a safe and pleasant journey at all times.

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