Distribution Of Chocolate On St. Nicholas Day

On the morning of the sixth day of December, it is known that shoes must be well shined and clean, so that St. Nicholas leaves a small gift when he visits. For the Warnowtunnel, the booted saint made an exception. Whether the shoes of all the customers were clean or not could not always be determined, but St. Nicholas would certainly have liked the many well-cleaned vehicles. He had brought small chocolate balls and chocolate Santa Clauses from the Lindt company. And these had to be distributed to our dear customers yesterday.

With active support of the sports clubs SV47 Rövershagen e.V. as well as Trizack Rostock e.V. our action succeeded outstanding. Most of the customers were very happy about the small but strong gesture and thanked us very much. Those who entered the tunnel later in the morning certainly left with a smile on their faces. Impressively quickly, the nearly three thousand chocolate confections changed hands. The Warnowtunnel says: you’re welcome!

We would like to thank our distributors as well as all tunnel drivers and wish them a good and safe journey at all times.

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