“Hello, you are the 75 millionth tunnel driver!” This sentence seems almost improbable. But the Warnowtunnel was pleased to welcome family Breu from Rostock with those words today.

With their granddaughters Mrs. Marita and Mr. Jürgen Breu were on the way to Karls Erlebnishof in Rövershagen. The managing director of the tunnel, Ms. Yvonne Osterkamp, ​​congratulated them with a bouquet of flowers and also presented a fuel voucher, Rostock Zoo tickets and an e-scooter for this special occasion. The granddaughters fell in love with the cuddly toy “Otter Oscar”. “My son won’t believe me,” said Ms. Breu, surprised.

The center manager of the Warnowpark, Mr. Frank Middendorf, also congratulated with a wonderful fruit basket and a shopping voucher.

The Breu family would like to use the shortcut through the tunnel more and more often. The fastest connection over the Warnow is under it – the happy jubilees were able to proof this firsthand.

We would like to thank the Breu family for using the tunnel and wish them and all tunnel drivers a good and safe journey.

By the way, until August 20th, 2022 you still have the chance to win an iPhone 13 or one of 50 fuel vouchers of €50 each if you register for the direct debit procedure or switch from cash to the direct debit procedure for the Oscard.

Caption: The 75 millionth driver at the toll station

From left to right: Frank Middendorf, Marita Breu, Annika Breu, Jürgen Breu, Annett Breu, Yvonne Osterkamp

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