Rose Distribution for Valentine’s Day

After the increasingly negative headlines in the world, positive impulses are worth their weight in gold. That was exactly the approach of the Warnowtunnel again today. So what could be more fitting than giving roses?

It is a symbol of charity: Valentine’s Day. For our dear customers, this meant a surprise today. 2,500 beautiful roses had been waiting to be handed over to the tunnel drivers since early morning. From eight o’clock on, our eager distributors created an excellent mood and happy faces among the drivers. Otter Oskar also helped out.
The lady, the gentleman, or even the whole family. Everyone received a rose. Everyone accepted them gratefully. How could anyone say no to that? The campaign ended successfully shortly after eleven o’clock. The customers agreed: “Such a nice gesture does you good.”

Special thanks goes to the participating clubs Rostock Griffins, Bucaneros and Trizack, without whose support the distribution would not have been possible. The Warnowtunnel would also like to thank the florist Olaf Riede. Finally, we would like to thank our loyal customers.

We wish all tunnel drivers a good and safe journey at all times.

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