Warnowtunnel New Year’s event 2024 in the Rostock ice rink

When the new year dawns, the Warnowtunnel organises its annual New Year’s reception at the Rostock ice rink. This is what happened in furious fashion last Friday. The new year could always start like this!

There are many of our customers who have been very loyal to us over the months and use the Warnowtunnel every day. As a thank-you gift, some of our hard-working frequent travellers receive an invitation to our Warnowtunnel New Year’s reception at the Rostock ice rink to watch an exciting ice hockey match together. And how exciting it was on 26 January 2024: the Rostock Piranhas won the match against the Herforder EV with a score of 5 to 3 in a game played with full commitment and heart.

The Warnowtunnel would like to thank our guests, the Rostock ice rink and the Piranhas for this thrilling game and wishes all tunnel drivers a safe journey at all times.

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