Hard to believe, but it was that time again. Who turned the clock so quickly? Probably Otter Oscar – because the clock showed 81. Today it was time for the 81 millionth driver at the Warnowtunnel. We were pleased to welcome Mr Steffen Haarstrick.

Mrs Osterkamp, Managing Director of the Warnowtunnel, was the first to welcome the young man at the edge of the road behind the toll station and congratulated him on this sudden moment of luck. Tunnel mascot Otter Oscar joined him immediately. Together they presented a large, colourful bouquet of flowers with a small otter soft toy as well as a gift bag with an €85 petrol voucher, a ten-visits-ticket for ice skating at the Rostock ice rink, a Warnowtunnel safety belly bag, a tunnel calendar for 2024 and other small gifts. The award winner thanked us profusely and could hardly believe that this had just happened to him.

Mr Haarstrick uses the tunnel daily for professional purposes with his Oscard. For example, the craftsman was in the process of transporting material from the west side of the city to his workplace in the east of Rostock. He saves a lot of time with the tunnel, he said. At the end of the short surprise visit at the toll station, some pictures were taken and press interviews were given. Afterwards, he continued his journey with his trailer truck in the direction of the A19.

We would like to thank Mr Haarstrick for his regular use of the tunnel and wish him a safe and pleasant journey at all times.

BU: The 81 millionth driver at the toll station
From left to right: Yvonne Osterkamp, Steffen Haarstrick, Otter Oscar

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