Otter Oscar thoughtfully grabbed his head this morning and said, “Friends, it’s that time again. The millionth tunnel driver is coming soon!” Our clever mascot was paying good attention. Certainly he was spot on.

And then it started. Around nine o’clock, Mr. Maik Pantermöller drove through the Warnowtunnel unsuspectingly as the 76 millionth user. “All right, I’ll pull over,” said the young man when he heard about the occasion. You could say he took the message very calmly and composedly. The Managing Director of the Warnow Tunnel, Mrs. Yvonne Osterkamp, welcomed Mr. Pantermöller together with Otter Oscar seconds later with a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers, in which even a small otter stuffed animal felt very much at home. Also included was a gas voucher worth €85, an indulgence package of Italian delicacies, and other great gifts. He happily and gratefully accepted them, stored them safely in his vehicle and briefly answered the questions of the press representatives.

The jubilarian was on his way in his van on business for the company Egbert Wilts. “I use the tunnel almost every day. We have Oscards in our vehicles for this purpose.” He then continued his journey coming from Schmarl in the direction of the A19.

One learns: otters have an exceptionally good memory! If we didn’t have Oscar. We would like to thank Mr. Pantermöller for using the Warnowtunnel and wish him and all other users a good and safe journey.

Caption: The 76 millionth driver at the toll station

From left to right: Yvonne Osterkamp, Maik Pantermöller, Otter Oscar

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