Exercise scenario of professional fire brigade in Warnowtunnel

Yesterday evening, 10.11.2022, an exercise of the Rostock professional fire brigade took place at around 09:00 p.m. in the Warnowtunnel in accordance with the directive for the equipment and operation of road tunnels (RABT).

The objectives of the exercise were a test of the mutual information between the tunnel’s control room and the Rostock rescue service dispatch center, the fire department’s approach from both sides when simulating an incident in the south tube, and the communication of the emergency forces from the tunnel with the incident commander in the control room. In order to ensure realistic conditions for the operation and to test the action ability of the personnel, only a small group of people were familiarized with the planning in advance. In order to exclude any danger to road users, the tunnel was completely closed during the operation.

After about 30 minutes, the operation could be completed. The safety concept as well as the hazard prevention plan of the Warnowtunnel turned out to be effective. All those involved mastered the task successfully and left no doubt that the safety of tunnel users is ensured even in an emergency thanks to optimum cooperation between the Warnowtunnel and the fire department.

We wish all tunnel drivers a good and safe journey.

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