Once again, we were proud to give out an important award today. Although almost three months have passed since the last award, the clock sometimes seems to turn faster. The title of the 79 millionth vehicle to pass through the tunnel can now be held by Mr. Scheimann and Mrs. Heidel from Rostock. A small surprise awaited the nice gentleman and the nice lady when they were greeted at our toll station.

Karlchen Erdbeere from Karls Erdbeerhof was visiting the Warnowtunnel and did not miss the event. With best regards from Rövershagen, the cute red mascot presented the couple with a large gift basket with culinary delicacies from the strawberry farm. The Warnowtunnel presented a large, beautiful bouquet of flowers with an otter stuffed animal, a fuel voucher worth €50, a car windscreen sunshade and some other small attentions. Mr. Scheimann uses the tunnel with his Oscard three to four times a week both for his company Textilien Design and privately. Right now, the regular tunnel users were on their way home toward Toitenwinkel. “This is something new. It’s nice to win something for a change,” said Ms. Heidel excitedly and happily before continuing their journey.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Scheimann and Mrs. Heidel and thank them for their regular use of the tunnel. We would also like to thank Karls Erdbeerhof for the great gift basket and mascot Karlchen for his visit to the Warnowtunnel today. Otter Oskar’s insider tip: the tunnel is a quick way to get to Karls in Rövershagen!

BU: The 79 millionth drivers at the toll station

from left to right: Robert Markfeld, Yasmin Heidel, Manuel Scheimann, mascot Karlchen

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