A round number determined the events at the toll station of the Warnowtunnel on this Thursday morning. At 9:30 a.m., a total of exactly 80 million vehicles had driven through the tunnel since it opened almost 20 years ago. This impressive milestone had to be duly celebrated.

Together with the friends of the tunnel from Warnow Park in Lütten Klein and the Rostock Griffins, the managing director of the tunnel, Mrs Osterkamp, welcomed the happy millionaire driver, Mrs Anne Palischewski. “I have to go to work, I only have five minutes!” she said excitedly at the beginning. We made every effort to comply with this request as a matter of course. After the excitement had settled, she made her joy known and a broad smile lit up everyone’s face as she got out of her car on the right-hand side of the road. Mrs Osterkamp presented her with a large, beautiful bouquet of flowers with a small otter stuffed animal and heartfelt congratulations from the Warnowtunnel. In addition, there was a gift bag with an 80 € petrol voucher, three vouchers for a textile car wash in the car wash at Globus in Roggentin worth just under 40 €, the 25th volume of “Rostocker Panoramen” by Helmut Aude and other small surprises. Mr Middendorf and Mrs Zimmermann from Warnow Park presented a large gift basket and two shopping vouchers worth €50. The mascots Griffino from the Rostock Griffins and Otter Oscar from Warnowtunnel also congratulated quite euphorically.
For Mrs Palischewski, the Warnowtunnel means a big time saving. To get from her home in Lichtenhagen to her beauty salon “PaliÄnn” in Toitenwinkel every day, she only needs a few minutes on the fastest route under the Warnow. She uses the tunnel card Oscard for this and charges it in cash; however, she would like to use the direct debit system in the future to save even more time.

We would like to thank Warnow Park and the Rostock Griffins for accompanying this event. We would like to congratulate Mrs. Palischewski, thank her for her regular use of the tunnel and wish her a safe journey at all times.

BU: The 80 millionth driver at the toll station
from left to right: Griffino, Frank Middendorf, Yvonne Osterkamp, Anne Palischewski, Otter Oscar, Julia Zimmermann


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