Here you can find everything you need to know about the Warnow Tunnel: registration for RFID device and Oscard and the log-in for your customer account.
Information on using the tunnel, route planning, and prices is also available.
Your questions are answered in our Questions & Answers section and the Safety section provides information on what to do in an emergency situation.

In the area “Client Login” you can access your RFID and TAG account balance and display your journey log.

You don’t know about RFID device?

The RFID device enables you to travel through the Warnow Tunnel more quickly and at a reduced price. You pay a fixed reduced rate every day, whether in summer or winter. You no longer need any cash for your journey. The price is automatically deducted from your customer account. As soon as you reach a specified number of remaining journeys, your customer account is automatically credited by direct debit. And you can also travel on all lanes – without interruption.

Do you still want to save money but without the RFID device?

Then use our OSCARD and still save!
You travel at the fixed discounted rate for the whole year. You can charge your customer card in the cash lane or in the customer centre. Direct debit is also possible. For € 2, you receive a card which you only need to hold in front of the scanner and then you can continue your journey.